As a parent, it can be very difficult to observe that your child is unhappy in their school environment. Whether this is a result of friendships, teachers, academics or extracurriculars, not every child is suited for the same learning institution. Deciding to transfer schools may be the best decision for both your child and your family. 

There are many reasons to transfer schools. If your child is consistently falling behind their school work, it may be the result of an incompatible learning style. Talk to their teachers to assess if your child is paying attention and listening in class. If this is the case, the school may not be the best fit and subsequently may have a detrimental effect on your child’s education. Some children find that they struggle to process information in an environment that is overstimulating, even though they are doing their best. Similarly, a child with learning difficulties may need a school specifically suited to their needs and equipped with the necessary resources to help them excel. 

If your child is coming home from school each day and refusing to engage in conversation, this may be a clear sign that they are unhappy. Not every child will admit that they do not enjoy school, but as a parent you can observe their demeanour and mood. If they are reluctant to wake up every morning and look for excuses why they cannot attend school, you should speak to their teachers about their mood during class and break. For further information, read our blog ‘what is school refusal?’.

If your child is particularly passionate about an extracurricular activity, such as swimming or dance, and their current school lacks the resources to follow this hobby, a change in schools may be necessary. Children excel when they pursue their interests, so a school that caters to these is generally best for them. 

Finally, if your child is regularly voicing that they want to move schools, take them seriously. If you have the resources and ability to move your child to another school, it is advisable to consider doing so. Ensuring that your child’s mental and physical health is cared for, as well as their academic needs, is crucial. A new school can be the difference between an unmotivated, moody child and a thriving, happy one. 

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