Everyone wants to fit in and feel included, especially at school. Here are some tips on how to ‘fit in’ at school.

How can I fit in? Everyone is just as complicated and amazingly unique as you are. There is no one way to ‘fit in’, and you should never change yourself entirely to do so. If the people around you exclude you, they’re not worth being friends with.

1. Be kind

However, as a general rule, you should always be as kind to everyone you meet. A simple act of generosity can create great friendships, and inspire others to demonstrate similar gestures of kindness in return. Kind people radiate confidence and self-assurance, and attract similarly kind people to them.

2. Join a club or a team

You want to surround yourself with friends who like and accept you for who you are. The best way to do this is to make friends that share your interests. By joining clubs or teams, you can gravitate towards people with similar hobbies as you.

3. Stay true to you

The danger when trying to fit in is that sometimes we think we must completely renovate our personalities in order to be accepted. Friends should build you up and not pressure you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with. Peer pressure is an unfortunate phenomenon that children can succumb to in order to fit in.

Keep reflecting and working on you ….. and remember….. offer a smile.

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