Smiling schoolboy with pencil writing essay or preparing homework

An effective study space can significantly impact your efficiency of study and is the best set up to study for exams. The ideal study space is uncluttered and quiet, allowing you to study effectively and focus on the academic task at hand. Below are TutorTime’s top tips for creating the best study space and practicing healthy study habits.

  1. Pick a space that’s yours 

Study spaces are rarely effective when surrounded by family and/or friends. This means that choosing the kitchen or dining room as your study space is not ideal, easily welcoming distraction. Instead, you should try to find an area that is generally quiet and undisturbed. If this isn’t possible at your home, try visiting a public library or internet café. 

  1. Keep your study space tidy 

A key study skill is organisation. Your study space should be organised in such a manner that you can easily access everything you need before you commence studying. You do not want to waste time trying to find key resources or stationary. To avoid this, you may want to try implementing an organisation system using files or draws so you familiarise yourself with the location of your study materials and avoid mess. 

  1. Remove all distractions

Things such as mobile phones, PlayStations and magazines can easily distract the eye and promote procrastination. To limit this, try to move anything that could be distracting into another room during your study time. It is best to associate your study space as an area devoid of leisure activities, even if this means leaving your phone in another room. 

  1. Keep a planner (or something similar) nearby

Your study space should include a study timetable, calendar, planner, diary and/or to-do list within eye’s reach. This will act as a reminder of your upcoming tasks and ensure that you are aware of assessment dates. To-do lists can also help structure the time you spend at your study space, providing you with realistic goals to accomplish. 

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